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· What do you hope to accomplish with your new tractor? It’s important to consider not only your present needs, but what you may want to achieve in the future. Presently, you may want to mow your lawn, but will you want to plant a garden, brush cut your acreage, move soil, dig holes, bale hay...in the future? 

· How much power will you need? When thinking about your goals for your new tractor, consider the future. A little more horsepower is better than not having enough.

· Which attachments are right for you? There are hundreds of implements to choose from… boxblades, mowers, loaders, posthole diggers, seeders & more...What attachments you choose will help determine the tractor you need.

· What makes you comfortable? Tractors have a variety of options...automatic or manual transmission, air-conditioned cabs or canopies, air-ride comfort seating, easy-glide shifting…

· Maintenance? How important is the ease of regular maintenance to you? Would you prefer to do the work yourself or have maintenance performed by certified technicians? Would you like a dealership that offers mobile service for regular maintenance and can come to you?

We, at Peters Tractor & Equipment Co., can help you answer these questions and match you with the right equipment to accomplish your objectives.

Whether you have recently purchased a few acres,

or decided that it is time to tackle a few outdoor projects … now may be the right time to consider a tractor, zero turn mower or RTV. 
To help you in making the best buying decision, here’s a few questions to consider.